Questions about our process? We'll try to answer them.

We know that for many of our customers, visiting a jeweler or silversmith shop is not an everyday event. We have tried to answer some of our most common questions here, but feel free to give us a call at 703-548-0659 or send us an email at if you need more information. Or, just stop by!


Your shop seems fine and all, but why exactly should I choose you guys again?

Hey, competition is the American way. We know you have other options and we know you are juggling convenience, aesthetic, cost, and whatever other factors you have going on. We also know we can't win them all. That said, we think that what sets us apart from other jewelers is our stellar reputation, built upon 60+ years of making our clients happy in Alexandria. Check our Yelp page, talk to our customers. We don't advertise and our business is built upon word-of-mouth. Also, there is something special about working with a family run and owned small business like ours. We are genuinely friends with each other and with our clients, we are absolutely passionate about what we do and the business we have, and we spend our days and nights thinking of ways to make the experience better for our clients. We don't believe in "upselling" and want our clients to walk away better educated, better served, and happier people - even if they don't end up buying from us. Stop by, give us a call, and see for yourself.

I'm in the market for an engagement ring, but I'm not sure where to start. What should I do?

First of all, congratulations! Getting an engagement ring is a big deal but it doesn't need to be a stressful process. The primary things to think about at this stage are: Do I like white or yellow (or rose) colored metal? Am I drawn to complex shapes or more clean-cut designs? How do I want the ring to sit: high or low? What, if any, stones do I like? Pictures are incredibly helpful during this process so don't hesitate to collect them (Pinterest is particularly useful here). Take a look at our always updated instagram page or our archived designs for some inspiration as well. Once you have mulled over these questions (and even if you came up with zero satisfying answers), make an appointment with us and we'll talk through the rest. We will walk you through everything from the very beginning, so you don't need to worry about skipping a step.

What should I budget for this?

Honestly, whatever you want. We will talk about what is reasonable within the budget you choose, including stone options and metal types. Our only recommendation is that you stick with what you're comfortable with, and don't listen to anyone else.

I already have a stone/I need a stone/what about the stone?

If you already have a stone, that's great: we can work with it. If you need a stone, that's great: we can find you one. If you have no idea about the stone, that's great: we can help you figure that out.

I'm looking for a conflict-free diamond. Are you able to verify your diamond sources?

The short answer is yes. The long answer that we feel everyone should be aware of is that while the diamond trade is regulated by the UN under the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme and is therefore ostensibly "conflict-free", the diamond trade is, by nature of how it's done, very difficult to fully regulate (and highly impactful on the environment). We offer diamonds that are GIA certified (the most stringent in the business) as well as AGS, IGI, and EGL. Stones can be "located" geographically by their composition and reputable dealers will offer only quality stones. 

That said, if you are serious about finding an absolutely conflict-free diamond, ask for a Canadian diamond. These always have special laser inscriptions and while they cost a bit more, they will give you the peace of mind you are looking for. If you're open to laboratory-made alternatives, consider a moissanite or a even a lab-grown diamond, each of which are low-impact, more eco-friendly options. And yes, we can find one for you.

I am on the hunt for a vintage engagement ring. Do you carry those?

Absolutely. We have a small but ever-changing collection of vintage engagement rings and wedding bands that you are welcome to visit. If you fall in love with a ring but it doesn't quite fit, we will re-size it for you while you wait. 

Do you sell your vintage engagement rings online?

At the moment, we don't. Our online store currently is dedicated to select made-to-order and other vintage pieces only.

I have a (silver/copper/pewter/??) (vase/cup/tray/??) that is (broken/scratched/flattened/burned/chopped up by the garbage disposal). Can you fix it?

If it's made out of metal, we probably can. If it's made out of sterling silver (or some type of silver), we almost definitely can. We will need to see it in person before we can give you a final answer and estimate for the repair, but feel free to send us an email or give us a call and we can talk it through. 

I live far away and can't come to your store. Can we still work together to fix/make this thing?

Most likely! Many of our clients live outside of the DC area. If it's a repair, you can ship us the item (make sure you pack it very well and get it insured) via FedEx, UPS, or USPS. If it's a custom design project, we can do the entire design process via email (including sending renderings). While it's always helpful to meet in-person, we can work with your needs.

Either way, absolutely give us a call or email us in advance so that we can talk through the job.