&Co. Thumbprint Simple Bangle

&Co. Thumbprint Simple Bangle

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Our Simple Bangle, with a hand-textured finish that makes it all your own. Handmade and featuring a delicate, classic design, our Simple Bangle is perfect for daily wear and can be layered or worn solo. Our signature Thumbprint texture is completed by hand and, like its namesake, no two pieces will be identical.


Metal options - 14 karat white, rose, or yellow gold; 18 karat yellow gold; sterling silver, gold-plated sterling silver


Small - 17cm interior diameter

Medium - 19cm interior diameter

Large - 21cm interior diameter

How it's made

Each bangle is hand-crafted in our Alexandria workshop. We start from scratch using 100% recycled metal grain that we melt, shape, anneal, stretch, and shape some more until we have a smooth metal wire that we form to the bangle's design. We then add our signature Thumbprint pattern by hand-sawing each unique line, and finish the whole thing off at the polishing wheel.

Shown here in

14 karat yellow gold, paired with our Simple Bangle in sterling silver featuring our feathered and hammered finishes.


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This bangle is made to order, so please allow 2-3 weeks before shipping.