&Co. Dual Disk Earrings

&Co. Dual Disk Earrings

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Featuring our Molten Studs as a base and jazzed up with graduated hand-cut disks, these earrings are ready add some style to your ear lobes. The Dual Disk Earrings are statement earrings for the understated, with a geometric design that balances the organic, molten stud base and flexible links that allow for maximum movement and light-catching. Choose your metal and finish and make these earrings all your own.


Metal options - 14 karat white, rose, or yellow gold; 18 karat yellow gold, sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver

Finish options – hammered high polish; hammered matte; smooth high polish; smooth matte

How it's made

We hand make each Dual Disk Earring completely from scratch at our Alexandria workshop. We start with 100% recycled metal grain that we melt, anneal, hammer, and flatten into disks. These disks are connected by a flexible jump ring to allow for movement in the earring, and connected to our Molten Stud base. We then apply the finish of your choice and add matching earring backs.

Shown here in

18 karat yellow gold and featuring a hammered high polish finish.

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When ordering, first select your metal. On the next page, you will be prompted to choose the finish type. Finish types don't affect pricing.

The Dual Disk Earrings are made to order, so please allow 2-3 weeks before shipping.